18 top-notch SEO tools to enhance their strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important factor that will help you increase the visibility of your website as well as improve traffic to it.
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Published on: Feb 05, 2024
Updated on: Feb 05, 2024

The need for having the right SEO tools becomes evident in the face of constantly changing Google algorithms and variable searchers' behaviour that help to achieve better results than competitors.

Today, numerous tools help differentiate your activities in terms of SEO for the year 2024. However, sifting through all the noise and discovering who the visionaries are requires effort. Our list of the best SEO tools anyone needs to grow a magnificent website is as follows.

best SEO tools

Keyword Research Tools

Thorough keyword research is the foundation of SEO success. Understanding search intent and volume for relevant terms guide content creation, link building and technical optimization. These three tools provide unmatched data for developing your keyword strategy.

1- Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz's Keyword Explorer allows you to input seed keywords and generate hundreds of additional long-tail keyword ideas with search volume, competitiveness scores and click-through rates. Filter keywords by difficulty to focus on terms you can realistically target.

2- Google Keyword Planner

While part of the Google Ads platform, the Google Keyword Planner provides detailed average monthly search volumes for keywords to inform your targets. Integrate search trends over the past year to identify growing and declining interests.

3- Answer the Public

Upload keyword data into Answer the Public to generate an expansive list of questions people are asking about your topics. Creating content that answers these questions can drive organic traffic by targeting informational search intents.

4- Keywords Everywhere

This free addon for Chrome synchronizes and works with your browser to show the stats on search traffic and competition for targeted keywords when working online. It is perfect for fast optimization of content and gaining quick control of readily available traffic.

Site Audit Tools

Frequently auditing your site and monitoring competitors gives you crucial data to identify issues to fix and new opportunities to capitalize on.

5- Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider crawls entire sites to uncover on-page issues impacting performance. Review crawled pages for missing title tags, broken links, hreflang implementation and more.

6- WooRank

Upload any URL to receive an instant audit grading performance in key areas like page speed, mobile readiness, SEO metadata, security and accessibility. The competitive analysis helps you learn from rivals.

7- Google Search Console

Connect to Google Search Console to see detailed reports on crawling errors, top queries and pages, geolocation of traffic sources, links, and more. The enhanced page experience report gives you specific elements to improve.

8- Page Speed Insights

Plug any page into Google's Page Speed Insights to learn how your site performs on desktop and mobile devices. It highlights opportunities to optimize page load times for a better user experience.

9- Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Run the Google Mobile-Friendly test on all site pages to detect elements not optimized for mobile devices . Fix issues like small text, inaccessible buttons and unstable content to improve mobile SEO.

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking & Site Performance

Monitoring your search rankings over time is hugely valuable for gauging SEO success and identifying rising or declining terms to shift focus. These tools also provide site traffic insights.

10- Google Analytics

Google Analytics remains the gold standard for tracking website visitors across devices, acquisition channels and geolocation. But many fail to tap into its full SEO potential, like goal conversion tracking.

11- Ahrefs

Ahrefs provides rank tracking for top pages and the most valuable keywords. But where they shine is backlink analysis, including top-linked and referring domains that are driving traffic through inbound links.

12- Moz Pro

Moz Pro offers rank tracking, site crawls, competitive landscaping and robust keyword data. But their most unique offering is their Keyword Difficulty and Domain Authority metrics for gauging SEO success potential.

Link Prospecting & Outreach

Securing quality backlinks remains integral for SEO rankings. Use these tools to identify top link-building targets and streamline influencer outreach.

13- BuzzSumo

Input any topic or competitor into BuzzSumo to instantly uncover the most shared and influential content. Reach out to the creators of these high-performing articles, as they likely have strong domain authority to place guest posts.

14- SEMrush

SEMrush allows you to analyze competitors' top organic keywords and traffic sources. Filter by referring domains to identify authoritative sites linking to their content that you can pursue backlinks from.

15- Majestic

Majestic offers unmatched global link index data. Upload any site to see detailed Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics measuring the overall quality and quantity of backlinks. Identify lost links to pursue recovery outreach.

Industry & Trend Insights

Staying on top of the latest SEO and marketing trends will make your strategies more effective. Leverage these tools to unlock crucial industry insights.

16- Google Trends

See search interest over time for individual keywords or broader topic areas broken down by country and time. Identify rising trends to create content for and declining interests to shift focus from.

17- SpyFu

SpyFu reveals that competitor paid and organic search terms drive the most traffic plus digital ads spend. This intelligence can shape your targeting and budget decisions.

18- Bing Webmaster Tools

Connect Bing Webmaster Tools to uncover detailed reports on crawl stats, inbound links, top queries, page errors, and site issues impacting Microsoft's search performance.

This list of expert-recommended SEO tools encompasses all aspects of modern search optimization, from technical site audits to backlink analysis and industry tracking. Bookmark this list and integrate these high-impact tools into your workflow to unlock growth opportunities and own the first page in 2024! Let us know your favorite tools in the comments.

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