Obtain the Barcode Lookup Mobile App at no cost

Barcode scanning applications provide invaluable convenience for countless everyday tasks. Luckily, full-featured multi-purpose barcode reader apps are available.
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Published on: Feb 03, 2024
Updated on: Feb 03, 2024

At no upfront cost for both iOS and Android devices. These free apps deliver enterprise-grade scanning capabilities right on your smartphone or tablet.

The Many Benefits of Barcode Scanning Apps

Dedicated barcode scanning apps offer significant advantages over basic manual entry or camera-based scanning:


- Instantly scan any 1D or 2D barcode type in milliseconds with dedicated barcode recognition algorithms. Avoid slow, error-prone manual number entry.


- Look up detailed product info, compare prices across retailers, add items to shopping lists, and more within the app interface.

-Inventory Management

- Easily track product inventory counts and metadata by scanning barcodes and syncing the data to cloud services.

-Coupons & Offers

- Unlock special coupons, rewards, and promotional offers after scanning a product barcode in supported apps.

-Mobile Commerce

- Quickly scan items, pay for them directly, and checkout in the app via integrated mobile wallets and payment platforms .

Free Barcode Apps for iOS

Recommended Free Barcode Apps for iOS

The App Store provides several full-featured, ad-supported barcode scanner apps for iPhone , iPad, and iPod Touch at no upfront cost:

-Scandit Barcode Scanner

- Robust scanning across 1D, 2D, and OCR text recognition. Sync data to cloud services. Fully customizable scanner interface and workflows.

-Barcode Browser

- Scan products and instantly look up prices/info across popular online stores. Clean interface. Easy price comparisons and reviews.

-ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

- Scan items and find the best nearby prices. Manually add specific items to compare. Export neatly organized shopping lists.

-RedLaser Barcode & Shopping App

- Powerful scanning with in-app browsers to research scanned products and prices. Price drop alerts and watchlist. Streamlined Amazon cart adding.

Free Barcode Apps for Android

Recommended Free Barcode Apps for Android

Leading free barcode scanner apps providing great utility for Android device owners include:

-Google Lens

- Natively built into many Android camera apps , combining robust barcode scanning with broader image recognition smarts.

-Barcode Scanner

- No frills, lightweight barcode scanner by the ZXing team. Fast scanning of all major 1D and 2D code types. Open source codebase.

-Scandit Barcode Scanner

- Cross-platform Scandit SDK powers enterprise-grade scanning with tracking/analytics. Data export integrations with cloud services.

-ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

- Android version by Big in Japan with price comparisons, product research, deals, customizable lists, and more. It is monetized via affiliate links.

Paid Upgrade Options

While feature-rich free versions meet most basic user needs, paid upgrades provide added capabilities:

-Scan volume limits lifted

-Even faster scan performance

-Greater customization options

-More advanced analytics

-Priority customer support

For high-volume retail and commercial scanning needs, paid barcode scanner plans provide enhanced speed, data tools, and backend integrations. However, individual users gain tremendous utility from the robust free consumer apps above.

With such powerful free scanning apps, iOS and Android devices can instantly recognize barcodes for faster shopping, inventory management, price checking, and other needs requiring quick barcode data input. Give your mobile device helpful eyes today!

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