32 exceptional SEO tools available for auditing and monitoring your website

Search engine optimization remains crucial for driving website traffic. In 2024, a robust toolbox of SEO software will be available to audit site performance and monitor key metrics.
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Published on: Feb 05, 2024
Updated on: Feb 05, 2024

Here are 32 top SEO tools this year across essential categories.

Website Crawlers

Website Crawlers

Crawlers index and analyze page content to identify SEO issues .

- Screaming Frog - Spider site pages to find broken links, detect duplicates, and view metadata.

- DeepCrawl - Crawler specifically focused on improving technical SEO.

- Botify - Integrates with Google Analytics and offers visual reporting.

- SEMrush Bot - Quick site audits and identifies indexer issues.

Rank Tracking

Rank trackers monitor keyword positions in search engines over time.

- SEMrush - Tracks rankings across Google and other major engines.

- Ahrefs - Rank checker with useful best-by-keyword data.

- MozBar - Browser plugin for checking Google rankings.

- Serpstat - Affordable rank tracking with shareable client reports.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink tools identify external links to analyze quality and anchor text.

- Ahrefs - Backlink checker highlighting toxic links.

- Majestic - Historic index identifies links between gains and losses.

- SEMrush - Backlink audits integrated with other metrics.

- MOZ Link Explorer - Indexes live links from various sources.

Keyword Research

Keyword research provides search volume, competition, and other data to inform content.

- SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool - Streamlined keyword research workflow with excellent data.

- Ahrefs Keywords Explorer - Helpful sorting by keyword difficulty and traffic.

- Übersuggest - Free keyword tool generating extensive suggestions.

- Google Keyword Planner - Official keyword data straight from Google.

Site Audits

Site Audits

Site audits evaluate overall SEO health, flag issues, and provide action plans.

- MOZ Site Audit - Detailed diagnostics organized into clear reports.

- Ahrefs Site Audit - Checks technical, on-page, and off-page optimization.

- Google Search Console - Official site audits directly from Google.

- SEMrush Site Audit - Trusted audits integrated into a full SEO toolkit.

Ranking Factors Analysis

Ranking factors tools reverse engineer the criteria impacting search rankings.

- MOZ Ranking Factors - Reveals elements correlating with higher rankings.

- RankSense - AI-driven system identifies ranking drivers.

- Rank Ranger - Reviews on-page elements influencing rank.

- Cognitive SEO - Identifies pages outperforming others for shared terms.

Local SEO Tools

Local SEO tools optimize online visibility for local brick-and-mortar businesses.

- Moz Local - Manages local listings and citations across directories.

- BrightLocal - Audits local rankings and analyzes reviews.

- Whitespark - Specialized in improving local citation quality.

- SEMrush Local SEO Toolkit is an all-in-one solution for local SEO.

SEO Analytics

SEO analytics track website traffic sources, engagement metrics, and other data.

- Google Analytics - Essential free analytics platform from Google.

- Search Console - Official Google data on queries, clicks, and impressions.

- MOZ Analytics - Tracks SEO-specific metrics like rankings.

- Klipfolio - Build custom SEO dashboards.

Leveraging the right tools for your needs goes a long way in executing successful SEO strategies. This roundup represents the most powerful SEO software for professionals and businesses 2024.

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